The founder of CVA, Michael Astalos married a Professional Makeup artist in 1990. She traveled frequently working on films across the
nation and on commercials locally. While on a short stint at home, Michael’s wife regularly worked mornings at 4am. Inside her makeup
trailer, the motor home did not provide adequate lighting in the darkness of the early morning.

To fulfill Michael’s wife’s need, he built a custom makeup mirror for her. Michael built a makeup mirror that was portable and included dual
lighting options with color correct daylight and tungsten film industry standard KINO Flo bulbs. Unlike traditional makeup mirrors, the newly
designed mirror bulbs were cool to the touch and easy on the eyes. In addition the ability to toggle between both temperatures of light at a
flip of the switch made her job easier and improved the quality of her work as she could apply makeup for both indoor and outdoor scenes.
It did not take long before other makeup artists noticed and the station became the industry standard. Born out of the need of an artist
wanting to give her clients the best work possible, Cases for the Visual Artist was Born in 1992.

Michael has continued his tradition of meeting the needs of those in the film industry. Every station we build is built here in the United
States, by hand, in our workshop. We take pride in every Station we build as each and every one has its own character while still retaining
the standard of quality our customer’s expect. As a result of quality products and amazing customer service, we have become the
standard in the film industry for Portable Makeup Stations.
Our makeup stations have also grown worldwide with shipping and renting in large quantities. Michael’s experience meets the needs of
production too. He understands the hours and odd schedules and that locations need to be set up and torn down quickly. As production
you will enjoy working with Cases for Visual Arts, as we are part of the film industry culture too! Check out what production supervisors
have to say on Production Yak.

We are always developing new products that push the envelope and bring more value to you, the customer, so please check back often for
updates. We at CVA stand by the belief that better lighting and better tools allow you to make better makeup and hair choices.
The Team at CVA