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Before CVA, the professional makeup artist’s makeup station was typically a set of 2x4s with clamp lights strapped to them, which made it a challenge for artists to do their “visual art.”
Michael Astalos, owner of CVA met that challenge with Portable Makeup Stations that fit the needs of makeup artists who needed a bright, large, portable, and easy to use makeup mirror.

CVA developed a makeup station that actual turns any location into a proper space for the professional Makeup Artist to work. Whether you are an Academy Award winning SPX artist or someone who just likes to do Makeup, our stations will let you do your best work.

Film Station Details

The Film Station was developed with Film, TV and Commercials in mind. The size being as large as possible to still fit within shipping standards. The larger mirror gives the professional the extra space to see the client easily in the mirror even if the subject is a few feet away. In addition six, two-‐foot long lamps at maximum output throw a flood of light on the subject without blinding the artist or subject.

The dual switch lamp feature allows you to check your work in daylight balanced light and tungsten balanced light. Finally we added wheels to make
the station roll for extra convenience.


The benefits of our Stations include:

  • Light and Compact (Stations can even fit inside a 4-door sedan if necessary)
  • Easy to store and ship
  • Less than one minute setup time
  • Lamps are cool to the touch
  • Light guaranteed to reach your subject even at 4ft
  • You can be the most talented artist and have the best gear, but none of that matters if you don’t have light!

Weight: 35lbs
Kino Flo Fluorescent Lights: 3 daylight (5000k) and 3 tungsten (3500k)
Electrical: 4 amps
Dimensions: 26″ x 30″ x 7″
Mirror Dimensions: 17″ x 22″