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If you aren't ready to fill out our contact form, feel free to check out the FAQs below to find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q: Are these truly “portable”?
A: Our makeup stations are lightweight, coming in at 35 pounds. It has 4 wheels for easy rolling. There are also handles on three sides of the unit for easy lifting. These makeup stations also close into a convenient, stackable box shape. The inside lid contains a protective layer of foam to keep the mirror and lights from breaking. With this cushion, CVA stations are easily transported in a car or truck.
Q: Do you deliver?
A: If you are in Los Angeles, California, we are able to deliver to you. Contact our team today to set up your delivery.
Q: Why do the stations come with both tungsten and daylight lights?

A: This two-light system covers the bases when it comes to makeup application in film and television. Too often, makeup applied under one temperature will show a line on-set if the temperature is wildly different. With our stations, a makeup artist can toggle between the two lights (or combine them) to create a light temperature that will look great on set. Having the right temperature light cuts down on application time because it only needs to be done once to be right.
Q: Is the color temperature of light important to hairdressers?
A: Yes, especially when working with colored hair or applying a wig. The color temperature could make matching a wig to a subject’s natural hair color difficult. Using the correct lights saves time and ensures a good match on set.
Q: If I am local, can I come back to pick up my station(s) rather than shipping?
A: Yes! You can come to our facility with a car, van, or truck to load up your stations.
Q: If I am not local, can the portable makeup station(s) be shipped?
A: Yes, we ship via commercial carriers (FedEx, UPS, Delta, etc). The station(s) will need to be shipped in a protective box and foam to protect the light tubes and mirror(s). For more information, please visit our Shipping & Transportation page.
Q: Where are the stations manufactured?
A: All of our Stations are hand-made in the United States in our workshop.
Q: Do the makeup stations work outside of the United States?
A: In select cases we can retrofit our stations for your country’s requirements. If you are interested in this and want to see if your inquiry qualifies, please contact our team by calling (818) 981-4238.
Q: Can two makeup stations be used on one of CVA’s 6-foot tables?
A: We recommend you use an 8 foot table when using 2 of our makeup stations.