Rental options

Our makeup stations are built to ship easily in a car, shuttle, or flatbed truck. Your driver will need to sign off on the equipment at pickup and drop-off to ensure all equipment is accounted for.

If you only need a small number of makeup stations, they can easily fit into a van so you don’t have to worry about renting a large truck. For larger quantities, we can load up to 40 of our stations into a stake bed easily.

We have several options for shipping, including FedEx Ground or FedEx Overnight. We also offer freight shipping as an option when available.

Shipping Information

Cases for Visual Arts portable makeup stations are designed to be large enough for makeup artists to work effectively without going over the oversize and weight limits of most shipping companies. The makeup station user has maximum visibility while the production company can keep costs low.

Shipping through carriers like UPS and FedEx will require extra packing materials to protect the glass bulbs and mirror. Stations will be shipped in a box with solid pieces of form to ensure they arrive safely.

Without these solid foam pieces, the makeup stations may be damaged and/or destroyed. When you return ship these makeup stations, the foam inserts must be there to prevent damage.

Important Note: DO NOT throw away boxes of foam packing material. You will incur a $100 charge if they are lost, PLUS any repair costs to damaged stations.

Plan ahead, save money

Shipping sooner will help keep shipping costs down. If you have any shipping-related question, call our team. We’re always happy to help.