Bill Corso

Academy Award Winning Makeup Artist

“I received one of CVA’s smaller portable makeup stations as a wrap gift on a film and can’t even tell you how many times it’s saved me on shoots and sets.

What an amazing asset to my kit that it has become.

As a result, I always ask production to use CVA stations whenever I’m bringing in additional help.The quality and support you get with Michael and CVA are unmatched."

Mary L Mastro

Makeup Artist

“I have been an active Hairstylist/Department Head in the film industry for many years. I have had the opportunity to try many portable make up stations over the years. The CVA cases for visual art stations are without a doubt my personal favorite.

I am a small person and I particularly like that you can adjust the height of the table to fit your comfort level and individual needs, whether you are a tall makeup artist or a small hairstylist it works for everyone.

Where as most makeup stations are built for “makeup artists” who work at a height that is not good for hairstyling. I also enjoy the adjustable lights and the additional electric outlets that are built into the unit. What I also like about this system is that the tables and the mirrors pack up easily and compactly which allows for easy transportation from location to location. Also easier for shipping out of state.”

Steve LaPorte

President, Freeform Creations, Inc.

“I’ve had the good fortune to use the lighting setups from Cases for Visual Arts on many occasions. The ease of portability & setup reduces time & costs on many levels. The combination of proper light temperature & on board outlets is a huge asset to keeping a neat, compact workstation.

On “Pirates of the Caribbean 4 ” & “Oz the Great & Powerful” the tremendous amount of background to process necessitated the type of workstations that CVA provided.

The design is efficient yet simple enough that even when we lost a power cord on occasion, I was able to get a replacement at the local Home Depot or Lowe’s. In addition, the adjustable table height allows for both Hair & Makeup usage. The all in one package of lighting, tables & chairs make CVA a one-stop shop for quickly setting up a small area or an enormous bullpen.

Howard Berger

Academy Award Winning Makeup Artist

“Michael Astalos of CVA has always delivered for me, literally! No matter where I am, what I need, when I need it, there it is—be it 60 portable makeup stations, 100 chairs, 80 lights, 3-dozen custom CO2 tank fittings and most recently the greatest custom makeup station we have ever had at KNB EFX GROUP, INC.

I asked Michael and his company to design and build me something for Sir Anthony Hopkins, as I was just starting to test his makeup for the upcoming "Hitchcock", and needed to work in a professional, comfortable, completely efficient makeup station, and as always, they exceeded my expectations.

Any film I am on, I demand production go to CVA, and then I know I will have what I need at a competitive price with exceptional service and attention. Thanks Michael for ALWAYS being there as no job is too small or too large.”